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Weekender Bags are Essential to Last Minute Adventures!

Beach Tote Bag San Diego

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What will no one tell you about choosing a weekender bag?

The right words to define a weekender bag is similar to defining a weekend trip: exciting, relaxing, and plenty of room for all of your essential needs. In other words, you need a versatile bag that you will be able to carry any place, effortlessly. Furthermore, it will spark joy within you when your needed items are well organized and ready to go.

A weekender bag is like a friend, in life, that helps you at the appropriate time... when you need to satisfy a particular craving urgently. My tip: get it ready beforehand. Whether you end up using it for a weekend trip or to run out for an afternoon, you’ll see the benefit of having a weekender bag set and ready for adventure!

  • Style factor
  • Yogi Beach Vibes is all about creating products with great styles. In order to capture these “vibes” our weekender bags are custom designed to what you like. Weekender Beach bag tote of San Diego is made of canvas with rope handles. It’s soft, durable and super cute!

  • Size factor
  • Whether you are on a vacation or weekend trip, a weekender bag is large enough to carry necessary items. It’s large enough to fit a change of clothes, a towel and a few extra treasures. It’s small enough to fit behind to carry onto a flight and large enough to fit everything you need. The above-given factors are the main things that should be taken into account before purchasing a weekender bag.

  • Functionality  factor
  • It’s important to organize your favorite items in your weekender bag prior to an adventure. Placing a rolled up beach blanket, your favorite book, a water bottle, sunglasses and sunscreen (among other favorites) will ensure readiness when an urge prompts you to take an adventure.

    Make sure items are clean and have the style you like so they spark your yogi beach vibe. It is such a treat to be able to leave spontaneously and know that you’ll have all of your favorite items needed when you arrive at your destination.

    The Best Dog Beaches in San Diego!

    It is so fun playing with my pups at San Diego’s local dog beaches! These are the best off-leash spots for you and your pups to visit the next time you are in Sunny San Diego.

    OB Dog Beach

    This is seriously the happiest place in San Diego! Ocean Beach has a vibe all its own ~yogibeachvibes. Situated where the San Diego River meets the Pacific Ocean, the OB Dog Beach is a mile long and open 24 hours a day. There is an awesome bike path for walking pups, skating and biking. If you visit be sure to wear a sweatshirt and bring an extra blanket. A good book can help you slip into the presence of dogs.

    Dogs love this place and enjoy express this by running in and out of the water, playing catch and meeting new friends.

    Coronado Dog Beach

    On the other side of the Coronado Bridge, at the northern end of the island, you will find Coronado Dog Beach. It’s a long stretch of pearly white sand and the only beach on the island that welcomes dogs. It has gorgeous views from Point Loma to the Hotel del Coronado-- definitely worth the walk. You may even catch a glimpse of Navy SEALS in training on the banks of the US Naval Station, which sits right next to the dog beach. Street parking is all that’s available so it’s a good day to get in some extra steps.

    Be aware- Dogs must be leashed until you’re actually on the beachfront area. Coronado Animal Control units patrol the area and violations can cost upwards of $500.

    Del Mar North Dog Beach

    Del Mar North Beach, often referred to as “Dog Beach,” stretches down the coast to Solana Beach. The mouth of the San Dieguito River has a great beach area where the water is shallow for days. The Del Mar community is really dog friendly. However, dogs are only allowed off leash during the slower season – during the summer they must be on leash. There is metered parking is metered and it’s limited so either Uber over or be patient (especially on weekends).

    Fiesta Island

    Fiesta Island has HUGE sandy areas to run and play all afternoon at the beach. Did you know? Fiesta Island was voted Best Dog Park in the Country. It’s right in the heart of fun, with happy pooches, views of Mission Bay, and Sea World all nearby. Dogs may be off-leash in most areas and there are several fire pits that are used to warm up after playing in the water. Pack plenty of water for you and your dog-  there are no water fountains located on the island. Plus, dogs often drink sea water, which can dehydrate them further.

    There are no restrooms… just a few out outhouses. But, on the plus side, parking is free and there’s a ton available.

    Grab a beachy bag for all your gear!

    Beach bags are one of the most popular all-purpose and fashionable bags you can find in stores. They recently got an upgrade and now they have turned out to be an essential accessory for women. The beach bag is quite different from those side bags and purses which would fail to fit in all of the essentials like your lotions, eatables, books, accessories and other such stuff. Well, you can try the trendy totes from Yogi Beach Vibes this summer and hit the beach in style.

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    Five Items To Pack In Your Beach Bags Now!

    Finally, those lazy beach days are here for which you have been dreaming for all the year round! If you are getting ready to enjoy the most out of your sand and surfing adventure, then take all the essentials and pack them is a perfect beach bag. Of course, perfecting the art of packing a beach bag is not a simple feat, but here are some tips to help you get it done right! Truth be told, nobody likes to come back all the way to the room (or home) to fetch the sunglass or sunscreen.

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