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Grab a beachy bag for all your gear!

Beachy bags are the most trendy bags around. Look at your bag situation… do your bags tend to fill up with the most random items? Beachy bags are perfect for keeping beach essentials separate and ready for the beach at any moment. Pack your lotion, sunglasses, books, and accessories.

Yogi Beach Vibes beachy bags are well-crafted with premium quality fabric and they can hold ALL the essentials you need when you go to the beach. They are designed with  graphics with your favorite quotes, such as: ‘Beach Vibes,’ ‘High Tides,’ ‘Feeling Tropical,’ just to create that perfect mood for the day.  

Why beach bags are a must-have for women?  

Beach – Beach bags are versatile and you will find them available everywhere, but not our “one of a kind” beachy bags inspired in San Diego. Our beachy bags are crafted using natural materials and are durable. These bags put an end to space issues and you can easily fit your bathing suits, shorts, flip flops, sunscreen, snacks and water bottles into them.   

Shopping – These beach bags serve to be an excellent shopping bag for a fun street shopping spree. Once you have a tote bags handy, you need not waste plastic bags for any reason. These handbags are strong enough to carry items, they are breathable and super trendy.

Workplace – You can use fun printed totes in offices and offices where there little or no dress code is enforced. You can easily carry your makeup, phone & charger, wallet and snacks to work.

Traveling – Whether you are traveling by car or foot, totes are excellent for random knick-knacks. These beachy bags in San Diego are designed in a special manner and have enough space to hold all your basics like a book, a game book or snacks.

Hit the beach this weekend or simply get on your “Yogi Beach Vibes”. Get your own beachy bag, tote or pouch from Yogi Beach Vibes today. They will easily dress up a work outfit, a work-out outfit or a beach outfit! The double-sided prints and defined stitches make Yogi Beach Vibes accessories quite durable, to last a long, long time, for all your adventures!

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What will no one tell you about choosing a weekender bag?

The right words to define a weekender bag is similar to defining a weekend trip: exciting, relaxing, and plenty of room for all of your essential needs. In other words, you need a versatile bag that you will be able to carry any place, effortlessly. Furthermore, it will spark joy within you when your needed items are well organized and ready to go.

A weekender bag is like a friend, in life, that helps you at the appropriate time... when you need to satisfy a particular craving urgently. My tip: get it ready beforehand. Whether you end up using it for a weekend trip or to run out for an afternoon, you’ll see the benefit of having a weekender bag set and ready for adventure!

  • Style factor
  • Yogi Beach Vibes is all about creating products with great styles. In order to capture these “vibes” our weekender bags are custom designed to what you like. Weekender Beach bag tote of San Diego is made of canvas with rope handles. It’s soft, durable and super cute!

  • Size factor
  • Whether you are on a vacation or weekend trip, a weekender bag is large enough to carry necessary items. It’s large enough to fit a change of clothes, a towel and a few extra treasures. It’s small enough to fit behind to carry onto a flight and large enough to fit everything you need. The above-given factors are the main things that should be taken into account before purchasing a weekender bag.

  • Functionality  factor
  • It’s important to organize your favorite items in your weekender bag prior to an adventure. Placing a rolled up beach blanket, your favorite book, a water bottle, sunglasses and sunscreen (among other favorites) will ensure readiness when an urge prompts you to take an adventure.

    Make sure items are clean and have the style you like so they spark your yogi beach vibe. It is such a treat to be able to leave spontaneously and know that you’ll have all of your favorite items needed when you arrive at your destination.

    The Best Dog Beaches in San Diego!

    It is so fun playing with my pups at San Diego’s local dog beaches! These are the best off-leash spots for you and your pups to visit the next time you are in Sunny San Diego.

    OB Dog Beach

    This is seriously the happiest place in San Diego! Ocean Beach has a vibe all its own ~yogibeachvibes. Situated where the San Diego River meets the Pacific Ocean, the OB Dog Beach is a mile long and open 24 hours a day. There is an awesome bike path for walking pups, skating and biking. If you visit be sure to wear a sweatshirt and bring an extra blanket. A good book can help you slip into the presence of dogs.

    Dogs love this place and enjoy express this by running in and out of the water, playing catch and meeting new friends.

    Coronado Dog Beach

    On the other side of the Coronado Bridge, at the northern end of the island, you will find Coronado Dog Beach. It’s a long stretch of pearly white sand and the only beach on the island that welcomes dogs. It has gorgeous views from Point Loma to the Hotel del Coronado-- definitely worth the walk. You may even catch a glimpse of Navy SEALS in training on the banks of the US Naval Station, which sits right next to the dog beach. Street parking is all that’s available so it’s a good day to get in some extra steps.

    Be aware- Dogs must be leashed until you’re actually on the beachfront area. Coronado Animal Control units patrol the area and violations can cost upwards of $500.

    Del Mar North Dog Beach

    Del Mar North Beach, often referred to as “Dog Beach,” stretches down the coast to Solana Beach. The mouth of the San Dieguito River has a great beach area where the water is shallow for days. The Del Mar community is really dog friendly. However, dogs are only allowed off leash during the slower season – during the summer they must be on leash. There is metered parking is metered and it’s limited so either Uber over or be patient (especially on weekends).

    Fiesta Island

    Fiesta Island has HUGE sandy areas to run and play all afternoon at the beach. Did you know? Fiesta Island was voted Best Dog Park in the Country. It’s right in the heart of fun, with happy pooches, views of Mission Bay, and Sea World all nearby. Dogs may be off-leash in most areas and there are several fire pits that are used to warm up after playing in the water. Pack plenty of water for you and your dog-  there are no water fountains located on the island. Plus, dogs often drink sea water, which can dehydrate them further.

    There are no restrooms… just a few out outhouses. But, on the plus side, parking is free and there’s a ton available.

    Choose Beach Theme Inspired Pillows and Pillow Covers for Your Home

    Fresh and colorful pillows tend to create a lively ambience in your living room, patio or any special corner of your home. The pillows and pillow covers are available in standard sizes, and you can easily add them to your bedroom or living room.

    Cushions and pillows are highly associated with the aesthetics of the room. Check out the collections of pillows brought to you by Yogi Beach Vibes. They bring to you an array of beach looks, which are spiritually inspired pillows and pillow covers that spread fun and lively ambiance.

    Embellish the couch, chairs, beds and loungers. Choose colors that compliment your style, for an extravagant feel. The soft pillows are designed with fresh and vibrant printed covers that have intricate detailing all over. So, if you have been searching for a customized pillow online, then you’ll love pillows and pillow covers from Yogi Beach Vibes!

    Here are a number of benefits of using pillows and pillow covers:

    Pillows offer physical benefits. These pillows offer physical benefits by providing support and comfort, which help you keep your back in the best position while sitting or resting on the couch. They will keep your spine straight and will prevent back pain and other annoying issues.

    Pillows provide emotional comfort. This may sound strange but pillows do cater to emotional comfort. You can hold them comfortably, or lay your head on them while watching the television. Believe me, when I tell you… they are great for those emotional outburst moments. You can even carry them with you when you go to the beach, for the ultimate beach vibe.

    Pillows enhance a calm and comfortable feeling. These pillows and pillow covers are designed with beautiful covers that leave a positive impact on our minds. The meditating Buddha prints, tropical leaves and captions are printed on both sides of each pillow. They look stunning! The excellent combination of colors and illustrations make these covers bright and attractive.

    If you have been looking for customized pillow online, take a look at the Yogi Beach Vibes’ website, where you will find an array of fresh and colorful beach vibe inspired pillows and pillow covers, listed at discounted prices. These pillows are made from soft poly-cotton fabric and are hypoallergenic. They are beautifully printed with beach themes and yogi-inspired illustrations. These pillows are more than functional, they add character, color, and support in all corners of the house.

    Beach Fashion Ideas for Women

    Beach Fashion Ideas for Women

    Are you planning to vacation at a beach or beach resort? If yes, then you need to get set to pack your belongings now! In addition to preparing an itinerary and budget, think about all of the beachy outfits to pack so that you look your best every single day. There are so many types of summer dresses, tank tops, shorts and suits… packing can become a nightmare.

    Some of the most popular outfits that you can wear while hitting at the beach are:

    Summer dresses – Beach dresses and summer dresses are common beach wear. Pack a couple of them when you plan to go on a vacation. Dresses look absolutely great when you roam around the shore or pool. They flow down with ease and offer simple elegance. They are also ideal for beach parties and they serve as an excellent swimsuit cover-up. What’s trending right now? Shorts, bohos, maxis, and crochet dresses.

    Tank tops – Tank tops are one of the most popular top that you can sport at the beach. Tank tops have racer backs, loose plunging necklines and drop armholes that feel like a gentle layering Tank tops by Yogi Beach Vibes are made from a blend of polyester & viscose (so soft) and they can be worn over a lacy bralette or a sports bra to render a gorgeous look. You can team these tops with a pair of shorts and sandals.

    Want to spend a day out in the sun? Then, it’s time for light and breezy clothing. A tank top or a summer dress will look superb anytime. Yogi Beach Vibes brings a fabulous collection of unique printed tank tops for women with Yogi Beach Vibes prints. Captions like ‘Feeling tropical,’ ‘Beach time,’ ‘NAMASTE at the Beach,’ ‘Live, Love, Surf,’ set the perfect mood. You can sport tanks in summer and winter, during work and play. Simply layer with a jacket or sweater vest it to look more sophisticated. Next, carry a tote bag, and wear a necklace to dress it up.

    Swimsuits – Swimsuit are a must-have and without it, your packing remains incomplete. All types of swimsuits, such as a bikini, rash guard or a one-piece that are currently trending. Feel free to pack what fits your personality.

    What other must-haves for your protection?

    Whether you are sporting a beachy dress, a bathing or a tank top and shorts, you need to have three essential things ready with you – sunglasses, hat and flip-flops. Sunglasses will protect your eyes, an oversized hat will protect you from the sun and add flip-flops will protect your feet from beach debris or hot sand.

    How To Wear A Tank Top As A Layering Piece

    How To Wear A Tank Top As A Layering Piece

    Do you sometimes wish to achieve the simple and effortless style with minimal effort? If yes, then a tank top is the perfect staple for you to turn on. When it’s time to say goodbye to your winter coats, sweaters and long dresses, tank tops for women are there to break out your summer wardrobe. If you think that wearing tank tops are too sporty and casual, then think again….you can also look as glamorous and fashionable in tank tops as you look in other apparel. Of course, you can live in tank tops all year round, but they show their optimal fashion potential in the hot season.

    The best thing about a tank top is that it is one of the most versatile pieces that can be styled with any and every look. If you are uncertain how to wear a tank top in the best possible way, then have a look at the fashion tips mentioned below:

  • Go casual
  • In the summer, tank tops are a great clothing option for a relaxed look. When you are running errands, just choose a comfortable fit beachy tank top by Yogi Beach Vibes with casual shorts for women during the day. The same thing you can wear as a light and airy muscle tee that can flow with the wind. Yogi Beach Vibes has an excellent collection of tank tops in many different designs and styles that look great with elegant and sportive clothing. With the tank top, make sure that you wear the perfect fitting bra.

  • Perfect for formal
  • Yes, you can also wear tank tops as a layer under a blazer or  jacket for work. Since it is difficult to wear a business suit during the summer days, you can wear a tank top tucking it into your skirt or pants and incorporate a blazer jacket once you enter the office. If you find the tank top cannot go with the established dress code of your office, you can add a more formal shirt with it once you reach the workplace.

  • Don’t forget to accessorize
  • Even though you are wearing tank tops, it’s easy to glam it up by adding some pieces of fashion accessories with them. With the wide-ranging collection of tank tops for women offered by Yogi Beach Vibes, you can add any kinds of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. However, make sure that you choose the accessories based on the formality of the event.

    For example, when you are heading to the beach for a perfect summer day, choose the Women's Flowy Scoop Tank by Yogi Beach Vibes. Add some accessories such as necklaces and bracelets to create a perfect beachy feeling.